Founded in 2005, Fujian Weishui Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Xiamen Software Park Phase II. It has seven wholly-owned/holding subsidiaries, mainly engaged in heavy metal hazardous waste disposal and resource utilization, environmental consultation, soil and groundwater remediation and treatment, and environmental operation in industrial areas.

The company has the only "zero landfill" disposal technology of chromium-containing heavy metal hazardous wastes, chromium slag and chromium-contaminated soil in China and has successfully realized industrialization. Based on this technology, the company extends to solve urban sludge and river sludge together, and adds new ideas to the national "clean soil" strategy and the pilot work of "waste-free city construction". Scientific means of governance.

In recent years, while maintaining the leading position in the treatment technology and market of refractory industrial wastewater and hazardous heavy metal wastes, the company has continuously increased its investment in the field of soil remediation. It has successively introduced the U.S. expert team of hydrogeology and environmental remediation, the team of pollution site investigation and remediation engineering to realize the complete set of technology and equipment. Integration and upgrading of China and foreign countries to solve the key technology of heavy metal soil and groundwater remediation, and strive to make our country in the forefront of the world in this regard.

The company is a high-tech enterprise, a backbone enterprise of national environmental protection industry, a key listed reserve enterprise in Fujian Province, a leading unit of the National Alliance for Technological Innovation of Environmental Protection Refractory Industrial Wastewater, a project undertaking unit of the National Torch Plan, a standing director unit of China Environmental Protection Industry Association, and a list of vice-chairmen of Fujian Environmental Protection Industry Association. Bit.