Partner Plan(图1)

1) Partnership Declaration: Sharing Platform Resources, Grasping Career Opportunities, Blooming a Glorious Life

2) Partner Necessary Conditions: Project Resources, Core Technology, Core Team, Financial Strength

3) Recruitment requirements: familiar with or engaged in environmental protection related work; have certain industry resources and social resources locally; familiar with the operation of environmental protection projects and have the ability to operate the whole process; bachelor's degree or above (ability prominent can be relaxed);

Identify the core values of Weishui; Persistent enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.

4) Partner Gender: Marketing Partner, Project Partner, Regional Partner, Technical Partner, Business Partner

5) Partnership Platform Advantages: New Business Model + Clear Profit Model; Strong Business Cycle Resistance + Strong Cash Flow; Technological Inside + Cost Advantage; Partner Cooperation Model Fair and Transparent

6) For more details of the partnership plan, please contact us...