Micro-water Elegance-Green Energy of Micro-water Environmental Protection

author: Release time:2018-12-20

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Up to now, with the development of China's industry, excess capacity, serious pollution, low added value, the mixing of industrial and living areas, the disconnection between planning and practice of industrial zones, the serious lag of treatment technology behind pollutants, and the serious lag of treatment scale behind the blind expansion of production capacity make it difficult to return.

There is such a set of data: there are actually more than 18,700 industrial zones in China. By the end of last year, more than 3,000 industrial zones were suspended due to environmental pollution. This is a heavy burden on land resources, environmental resources, local debt, local employment, local finance and taxation. In addition, there are some long-term heavy polluting enterprises, because there is no mature and targeted environmental protection technology, often hiding cats and cats in the regulatory units.

It has become the norm in environmental protection management of industrial enterprises to invest in medical treatment in an emergency, to reinvest and to spend money dishonorably.

In recent years, environmental protection issues have become the focus of public attention. On the contrary, the environmental protection industry has become a big cake. The huge market has given birth to a large number of environmental protection enterprises "grabbing". Fujian Weishui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Weishui Environmental Protection") as a well-known enterprise in the country, is committed to water pollution prevention and control engineering technology research and development, design and operation, engineering construction and investment and operation in one of the high-tech enterprises, and has become a leader in the environmental protection industry. In this regard, the magazine interviewed Sun Huiyue, chairman of the board of directors of micro-water environmental protection, asking him to reveal the successful way of micro-water environmental protection.

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Successful Rescue of Fujian Leather Industry

"After years of development and precipitation, it has been found that there are several industrial enterprises with good quality everywhere, and they have become the main contributors to local employment and financial income. However, it is often troubled by the environmental standards, which are difficult to meet under the new environmental emission standards and regulatory requirements. The starting point of micro-water environmental protection is to help these industrial zones and enterprises solve water pollution problems, strive to become excellent environmental operators in industrial zones, so as to realize the real value of enterprises. Chairman Sun Huiyue told us that micro-water environmental protection shoulders a special mission.

In 1989, Sun Huiyue entered the post and Telecommunications Department smoothly after graduating from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. However, in 1997, Sun Huiyue resolutely abandoned the post of Director of Anxi Post and Telecommunications Bureau and began to do business in Shanghai. After years of efforts, as the initiator and shareholder of Xingye Technology, Xingye Leather has finally been listed in A-share and become the first share of leather in China. After the company went public, Sun Huiyue gave up his position as chairman of the board of directors of shareholders. When talking about the reasons for giving up, Sun Huiyue told us that every five years he would make a development plan for himself. The reason for giving up is to accept some new challenges.

Subsequently, Sun Huiyue's career returned to zero and returned to the original state of entrepreneurship. So in 2009, he invested in environmental protection with a keen and forward-looking vision - micro-water environmental protection began to operate formally.

At the beginning of the company's establishment, micro-water environmental protection is facing new challenges. In 2009, serious mass incidents were caused by environmental pollution in Pu'an Leather Concentration Area of Quangang, which directly caused 108 leather enterprises in Fujian to stop production and rectify. However, under the leadership of Sun Huiyue, micro-water environmental protection has found the treatment technology to solve the major pollutants in leather industry, and formed a treatment model. Finally, the problem of sewage and leather sewage has been successfully solved, and the Fujian leather industry has been successfully rescued.

Sun Huiyue said that there are still many cases of micro-water environmental pollution control. Successful businesses have won many national honors for micro-water environmental protection. Over the years, we have successively won the honors of national key enterprises of environmental protection industry, national high-tech enterprises, national technology leading units of industrial wastewater difficult to treat in environmental protection, and national key new product technology original units.

Not only that, in the commercial promotion, micro-water environmental protection is also constantly striving for new changes. In 2013, the Organizing Committee of Xiamen Investment and Trade Fair jointly organized the Forum on Innovation of Environmental Protection Governance Model in China's Industrial Zones in conjunction with micro-water environment protection at the 1998 International Investment and Trade Fair in Xiamen. On the one hand, micro-water environmental protection uses the forum to publicize and implement the urgency of industrial upgrading and transformation, and appeals to governments at all levels to change the concept of industrial development and improve the quality of industrial operation; on the other hand, the forum successfully introduces environmental protection talents into advanced workers by inviting in and going out. The concept, technology and mode of environmental protection management in the industrial zone. Sun Huiyue said that in the future, micro-water environmental protection will continue to carry out forums during 1998 to protect the sustainable development of industrial zones.

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Technological Innovation Promotes New Development of Enterprises

Technology is the core of enterprises, and technological innovation is the lifeblood of enterprises. Without technological innovation, for enterprises, it is like losing vitality. Sun Huiyue is deeply aware of this and constantly intensifies his efforts to carry out technological innovation.

Under the leadership of Sun Huiyue, the technological innovation concept of micro-water environmental protection pursues "three fewer and one better", that is, less investment, small occupation of land, low operating costs, and the best governance effect. The core technology system mainly includes: zero-discharge patent technology for High Ammonia-nitrogen wastewater, advanced treatment technology for refractory, biochemical and refractory COD to meet the discharge standards, and proprietary technology for harmless disposal of heavy metal hazardous wastes. "At present, micro-water environmental protection has authorized three invention patents, three utility models, three invention patents and seven utility models." According to Sun Huiyue, POWATER - zero discharge technology of high ammonia nitrogen wastewater, microFA four-phase advanced treatment technology, microHM heavy metal resource utilization, harmless treatment technology through many engineering cases, the treatment effect is the best in the whole industry.

In other aspects of technological innovation, Sun Huiyue told us that MicroLIP, which integrates multiple patents and proprietary technologies of micro-water environmental protection, has successfully managed 47 large-scale tanneries and seven tannery parks in China. MicroPF Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment Solution has successfully solved the pollution problem of all antibiotic pharmaceutical enterprises in Fujian Province. Zhangpu Chihu Lake Base, the first hazardous waste disposal base in China to adopt microHM heavy metal resource utilization and harmless disposal technology for micro-water environmental protection, has passed the approval of the Ministry of Environmental Protection smoothly.

Of course, all this is inseparable from an excellent team. Sun Huiyue believes that talent is the key to the development of enterprises. The talents gathered in micro-water environmental protection are the most valuable wealth of enterprises, and also the cultural carrier of micro-water environmental protection. As early as 2009, Sun Huiyue spent a lot of time building the core team. At present, there are 11 senior executives, each of whom has a unique talent. "Most of the people are from famous schools in China. Our main division of labor is that I am familiar with industrial enterprises, and I design the industry structure and governance model. They are responsible for breaking through the characteristic pollutants in a certain link in the industry R&D model framework I set up." Due to the introduction of IT R&D concept "systematic design, process management, modular breakthrough", this management system has also become the system guarantee of micro-water environmental protection technology innovation.

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Exploring New Business Model

"All along, what I've been thinking about is how to make the micro-water environmental protection brand, to become better and stronger." Sun Huiyue said that micro-water environmental protection has come out of its own way in the business model.

Through observing Sun Huiyue, it is found that due to the particularity of environmental protection projects, traditional popular construction projects such as BOT, TOT, BT and EPC are often used in the investment of environmental protection management in industrial zones, which often leads to chicken feathers. Most of the 3,000 industrial zones suspended throughout the country have failed in the form of investment cooperation and the improper choice of governance technology. "On the basis of the long-term practice of environmental protection management in industrial zones, I put forward an innovative model - ARO model, that is, the model of"overall acquisition - investment transformation - continuous operation"to solve a package of environmental protection problems in industrial zones.

Sun Huiyue introduced that ARO model is based on the upgrading of environmental protection in industrial zones. Integral mergers and acquisitions of unqualified environmental protection assets in suspended industrial zones should be carried out to clarify the property rights relationship, clarify the main body of pollution control responsibility, introduce advanced management technologies and modes, activate the investment potential of enterprises entering the industrial zones, activate the stock assets of industrial zones, reduce the burden of local debts, and support and guide the industrial zones towards benignity. Sustainable development is a brand-new business model serving the transformation and upgrading of industrial enterprises.

Seeking to Enter Capital Market Again

Nowadays, in terms of market share, 42% of the top 100 tanneries in China have adopted the complete technology of micro-water environmental protection. Seven of the 18 tannery parks in China have adopted the green management mode of micro-water environmental protection. Many well-known enterprises in the antibiotic pharmaceutical industry have adopted the patented technology of micro-water. Great breakthroughs have been made in coal chemical industry, fine chemical industry and other industries. Sun Huiyue disclosed that Zhangpu Heavy Metal Base of Weishui Environmental Protection has been built and put into operation, and the first "Industrial Zone Pollution Control Fund" in China will be established this year. "On the basis of the successful utilization of harmless disposal technology for heavy metal hazardous wastes in Zhangpu Base, Fujian Province, we will strive to form a chain model to benefit more heavy metal contaminated areas throughout the country."

For the future development of enterprises, Sun Huiyue said that on the scale of operation, micro-water environmental protection will continue to expand the market of environmental protection technology services of enterprises in eight major industries, while expanding the market share of sewage treatment in industrial zones. At the same time, we hope that when the time is ripe, we can lead the micro-water environmental protection into the capital market, and take the listing as an opportunity to promote the development of micro-water environmental protection more steadily and faster, so as to better serve the realization of the vision of "harmonious win-win between industry and environment" of micro-water environmental protection.