Chairman Invited to Macau International Forum on Environmental Protection in 2019

author: Release time:2018-12-20

Mr. Sun Huiyue, Chairman of Weishui Environmental Protection, was invited to attend the "Macau International Forum and Exhibition on Cooperative Development of Environmental Protection in 2019" and give a keynote speech entitled "No Waste City, Zero Landfill Model"





The Pan-Pearl River Delta Environmental Protection Enterprises Pioneer Forum-Ecological Civilization Creating Green Value, one of the activities of Macao International Environmental Cooperation Development Forum and Exhibition 2019, was held on March 29. Some environmental protection professionals pointed out that under the background of rapid development in the Dawan area, land is increasingly scarce, and waste-free cities with micro-water environmental protection are "zero filling". The burial mode will help Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to realize the harmless disposal and resource utilization of solid wastes such as municipal sludge, river sludge and heavy metals, and improve the level of comprehensive utilization of urban resources.

Sun Huiyue, chairman of Fujian Micro-Water Environment Protection Board, was invited to attend the forum as a guest speaker, and gave a keynote speech on "Micro-Water Environment Protection-Solid Waste"Zero Landfill"model practitioner, Waste-free City-Integrated Sludge Operation Model Integrated Sludge Harmless Disposal and Resource Utilization Project". He pointed out that the environmental management concept of micro-water environmental protection was "zero landfill" mode of solid waste in non-waste cities, and established Zhangzhou micro-water as an industrial demonstration base, which broke through the original burning + landfill mode, high temperature reduction of micro-water environmental protection, detoxification and solidification of heavy metals and resource utilization process, and was a thorough detoxification of chromium-containing heavy metals. The original natural state of chromium ore and the technology of encapsulating and isolating metal elements by ceramic phase make heavy metals harmless. Its resource utilization product ceramsite can be reused for engineering construction, permeable brick sponge city construction and color road construction. He pointed out that the total amount of industrial solid waste in China has reached 60 billion to 70 billion tons over the years. According to the proportion of GDP, the total amount of storage and incremental solid waste in the Dawan area of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao will exceed 9 billion tons. In addition, River sludge, sewage sludge, organic matter and heavy metal contaminated soil sludge from industrial site remediation will be added to the original. The old model of incineration + landfill solid waste treatment poses great challenges. He believed that micro-water environmental protection pioneered the harmless disposal and resource utilization of hazardous wastes. The "zero landfill" model of micro-water environmental protection of solid wastes in non-waste cities would help the Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to realize the harmless disposal of solid wastes such as sludge, river sludge and heavy metals, and improve the comprehensive benefits of urban resources. Level.